Seared Tuna with Sugar Snap Peas, Baby Sweetcorn, Samphire & Spicy Thai Dipping Sauce


Quite simply tuna seared in sesame oil (spray used so as to limit the fat), 6 mins in total fairly well done but you could just fry for a lot less time and keep it rarer or grill it.

I added steamed samphire, baby sweetcorn and sugar snap peas (2mins).

Thai dipping sauce made using the juice of a lime, 2 finely sliced chillies (this is to taste), 1tsp sugar and 1tsp fish sauce.

The WW points I used totalled 9 (1 for the sugar, 7 for the tuna and 1 for the oil).

Very yummy and a very fast supper. I’m loving the colours of this dish!



Mr Wheatley says….”Don’t Eat Until You Are Full”!

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to better understand my body and the signals about being satisfied after eating.

Well, to say that I get more confused as time goes on is an understatement!

At first, I thought I had it. Now I don’t think I can tell at all.

I am beginning to think that I don’t have the same physical feelings as other people (ok no jokes please….).

For example, I was away with my mum and my sister at the weekend. We were having a meal out and they stopped before they had finished their meals saying that they were full. I didn’t have the same sensation. Being the obsessive food bore that I have become I tested out this out at breakfast and lunch. Same thing. Oh the joys of going on a spa weekend with me!!!! When I quizzed them…;-) they said that they felt full well before they had eaten their meals.

Have they got smaller stomachs? Why can they tell and I can’t?

Going back to Paul McKenna’s advice I need to revisit just not eating everything on my plate. I need to readjust portion sizes again. Do smaller plates really work?

My grandfather used to say always stop eating before you can even tell you are full.

So, I need no longer search for that elusive physical feeling if I can also adhere to Mr Wheatley’s wartime words. I think he developed the motto shortly after his horse disappeared in the Middle East in the Second World War and they had a very tasty stew for dinner….


Why I need a kick up the back side or a shot of something in the back side!

There are a multitude of reasons (including sins) as to why I need this. I won’t bore you with them all but here’s a few…

Moan, whine, woe is me….I have had a fall from grace, that is the form of grace that is my weight loss journey.

What I know is to expect these and to get back on the horse. That should make things easier, right? I’m not feeling it.

Sorry but today it’s cliche o’clock.

The catalysts, my Stubborn Toe and then having Man Flu. It is, my friends, a lethal combination….

The Stubborn Toe is still painful all these weeks on but the upside is that it is not quite as painful or sausage like as it was so I’m thinking as I write that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

The Man Flu, surely needs no additional words? I don’t have anything positive to say about it, it has not finished with me and I don’t think I have hit the peak of the storm.

I’ve also had these things combined with going back to work and travelling quite a bit which has been great but also leaves less time for me and requires more planning in terms of exercise and food.

I have not exercised since last Saturday and my diet hasn’t been great. My son has been ill too. I haven’t written for over a week. I just haven’t felt like doing anything. I did manage to haul my ass into my new job. It’s my weigh in and measurements day today and I don’t want to do it in case I’ve gained weight or inches. I know I need to. I know I need to be able to continue with my journey even when the going gets really tough.

I’m feeling really down. I’m feeling guilty about feeling down because I know there are people a lot worse off than me.

Writing this is making me feel better.

In the words of Yazz…”The only way is up!”.


We must do that which we think we cannot…falling down…getting up again

The last few days I feel like I have been in a downward spiral, I’ve not exercised because I’ve had an excuse of a man flu/glorified cold. And the t,or is still pretty swollen so I am genuinely still restricted. I’ve also not been eating properly and have large periods of time where I have not eaten at all and then became ravenous. I’m ridiculously tired. I’m putting it down to illness and not eating propery.

Ok so the only way from here is up?!!!!

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt “We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face…we must do that which we think we cannot.”

Upwards it is then…


Weigh in & measurements 15 February

Yes it it’s that time again. I’m quite anxious as I’ve been trying not to get on the scales outside of my two weekly weigh ins.

I’m really pleased as I’ve lost another 3lb. Oddly though I am feeling pretty bloated. Overall I’m 1lb behind my original target. Brilliant.

My measurements haven’t changed this time so no inch loss to record.

I did weigh myself last week (breaking my own rule!) and had no weight loss compared to the 3lb this week.

I had felt fed up about the lack of weight loss last week for a number of reasons:

– my toe is still restricting what exercise I can do ( swimming, mat work, weights, walking and cycling (getting easier)) so in my mind I am blaming that but if I am logical about this it shouldn’t matter as I am still exercising and taking care of my diet

– I’ve been really careful about what I am eating and when I am eating it

I seem to recall that when I have lost weight before this does happen i.e. the initial weight loss slows or stops. What’s the reason for that? How do you deal with it? Is it just a normal part of a longer term weight loss program?


Raw Tom Kha Coconut Soup

I have to say I am not usually a fan of cold soups but this one is definitively up there with some of my favourite recipes.

Celery is one of the main ingredients and this veg often gets a bad press as being bland and boring but it’s got great health benefits, it can help lower blood pressure and it’s a diuretic so gets rid of excess body fluid. Not sure I can convince my husband to eat too much of it though no matter what I do to it!

Coconut is the other main ingredient. Now I know it’s good for me but why? I’m not altogether sure so I went looking I was particularly interested to see that coconut helps control spikes in blood sugar so it should reduce sweet cravings and it is used by the body to create energy and speeds up the metabolic rate.


6-8 celery stalks
3 kaffir lime leaves
2 cloves of garlic
2 dates
4tbs creamed coconut
1/8 cup olive oil
1/8 cup ground almonds
1tsp salt
1 tsp coriander
1/2 tsp cumin


Put all the ingredients except the olive oil into a blender and blend until smooth, add some water as and when needed. Add I’m the olive oil and blend again until combined. Add in water to thin out to the desired consistency. I hardly added any water as I wanted quite a thick soup.

Add toppings to the soup such as chopped avocado, chopped pepper, chopped coriander, nuts, whatever you like!

This will make 2-4 small bowls depending on how much liquid you add. It should keep for a day or two in the fridge. If you just make 2 portions it is 8 WW points per bowl.

Enjoy :-)))))


New Year Revolution…What are you going to do in 2014? How to have fun planning for your 2014 using Leonie. Dawson ‘s workbook and EFT…


A week or so ago I wrote that I had attended an amazing planning retreat day run by a friend of mine, Kate.

Kate is a writer and EFT practitioner. Last year she was really blown away by the impact that the workbook below (it’s Leonie Dawson’s had on her personal and business life. It had such a huge positive impact on her life that she wanted to share the experience and make some money on the side :-)))) by running the workshop.


This workbook is a bit like a journal/school activity book! Keep reading! The look of it might not appeal to some people but don’t write it off too quickly. It’s the content that counts.

It’s called Create Your Amazing Year.

The author’s philosophy is that Amazing Years don’t just create themselves and we are the ones that need to make it happen by visioning, dreaming, mapping and planning. Ok got that, it makes sense and is pretty basic as a concept. Easy, yes? The thing is we might have lots of dreams and goals but we don’t always make time for them and then we wonder why they don’t happen. Ring any bells…?

At the workshop we spent a few hours going through some of the book on our own and then from time to time we stopped and shared any bits we wanted to with the group. At this point we also used EFT (emotional freedom technique or tapping) to get rid of any fears or blocks this process was creating. I knew very little about EFT before the session and it wasn’t the reason I attended the workshop. It was fun and pretty useful. If you want to read more about EFT there are loads of free tools, check out Kate’s site as she refers to quite a few of them in her blogs – the link is below. If you want to read more then I would suggest Nick Ortner: The Tapping Solution

The end result after a day to myself (brilliant in itself!)….

1. GOODBYE TO 2013

We celebrated 2013:


2. HELLO TO 2014

We got ourselves used to the idea of 2014:



We gave ourselves permission to:


4. 100 GOALS

We wrote 100 goals, grouped them into categories, chose those that meant the most to us and started to visualise how we would reach those goals.

100, seems crazy?

Maybe, but it was fun writing down 100 things and it’s even better looking at them and already seeing that I’ve ticked a few of them off, things I have been meaning to do for ages but either forgot to do or never made the time to do.

The 100 things can be small things or big things, silly or serious things, whatever you want. For example, I’ve got on mine “get a printer” YAWN and “Read 5 children’s books” YEAY.


We also created a dream day….a written visualisation of what (yup you guessed it) your dream day in 2014 would look like.

I’m using the same idea for my weight loss.


One of my favourite parts of the day was creating a dreamboard.

That’s mine at the start of the post. It’s quite detailed but you can have as little or as much on yours as you want. I’ve since created a few others that are specific to other things I want to do. At first I struggled doing the dreamboard as I didn’t want to start sticking things down until I was sure how I wanted it to look.

I’m not making any money from this ;-))) so maybe I will be more believable but it’s a brilliant book, very colourful (made me happy!) and really easy to use. I like the fact that it will also be something for me to keep referring to and to look back on.

I loved the fact that being in a group creates some level of accountability. For me that’s a good thing as I am more likely to push myself in that scenario. Also sharing the experience and being part of someone else’s positive vision for the year felt great.

Kate’s written a piece on the day which you can read here

Yes, so the book looks a bit twee but so what if it helps you get up and do more????